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The AISN Project

The Artificial Intelligence Social Network (AISN) is work in progress which is moving its first steps. Its general goal is to provide a community environment for AI scientists and researchers within which knowledge and social resources will be easily available and reachable so to improve research activities of all kinds.

The interaction and knowledge environment provided by AISN will be designed and created starting from the very needs and the exigencies of AI researchers: the AI community will consolidate through the community and for the community itself. The community will be based on social computation, i.e., the joint collaboration of human and computers to solve research and scientific problems.

The AISN project aims at reaching out to all contexts where AI research is developed: from daily activities within universities and laboratories, to big conferences passing through small thematically focused workshops. It will ensure the possibility to obtain in real time all kind of useful information that can facilitate scientific progress in the AI field thus ensuring high-quality and reliable data, these data do not derive from the contents researchers produce but from their metadata. The user and community's data (papers, data sets, texts, etc.) remains wherever the author wants to keep them. Thus, the community consolidates in the full respect and guarantees researchers’ the ownership of their ideas and contents.


The AISN project is being developed within the KnowDive group from the University of Trento. The AISN team is formed by a multidisciplinary group of people coming from fields such as computer science, sociology, psychology, design, and HCI.
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The AISN project is a continuous work in progress-that aims at building a community environment for AI researchers, scholars, affiliated and neophytes starting from their very needs.


the AISN project builds on the joint collaboration of humans and computers to foster scientific progress. It enhances the availability and the reachability of high quality knowledge and social resources starting from researchers metadata.


scientific progress stands at the core of any advancements in all domains of human actions. To improve scientific progress, we do not need to improve ideas but communications between scientists thus increasing the availability and reachability of high quality knowledge.